Intégrité Polyurea Coatings™ is a commercial line of coatings and products available only through Intégrité Polyurea Coatings™ Distributors.

hanger_pic_WEBchain_image_WEBIntégrité™ floor coating systems offer a environmentally-friendly Polyurea floor coating systems, designed to enable contractors to offer customers a premium floor coatings in the most economical way possible. Polyurea floor coatings feature quick cure times (foot traffic in as little as four hours and vehicle traffic in as little as 24 hours), extreme durability (Twenty times stronger than epoxy), and chemical resistance to salt, oil, gas, and more.

Intégrité Polyurea Coatings™ continues to lead the way in single component, fast curing, easy-to-install, low odor Polyurea coatings. 98% solid materials allows you complete installations in areas where lack of smell and quick return-to service are critical issues. This includes restaurants, offices, factories, basements, or any application where other people are working. Some of the coatings on the market are extremely harsh to the senses and cannot be
installed indoors.



Intégrité Polyurea Base Coat™

Single Component polyurea developed for the full broadcast flake and quartz systems. No mixing of an A & B component, no measuring; just add tint-mix with drill mixer-pour and roll. Intégrité Polyurea Coatings™ cure extremely quickly, allowing foot traffic in 4-8 hours and can be put into service in 24 hours, while having a virtually unlimited pot life that allows for work at any pace. Time is finally on your side—these coatings won’t cure until they’re rolled out. This unique design allows broadcasting for up to 20 minutes, eliminating problems with light coverage, inconsistencies or blemishes. Ultra low VOCs make it a great choice for indoor applications, especially when minimal to no odor is a must. Unlike epoxy floor coatings, Intégrité Coatings can be used any time of year, at temperature ranges between 0 and 120 degrees. Its self-leveling capabilities provide ease-of-application. All of this, with the unsurpassed durability that Intégrité Polyurea Coatings® offer. Available in tan or grey.


Intégrité Polyurea Top Coat™

Intégrité Polyurea Top Coat™ is a high performance top coat used to provide additional durability and a high gloss finish. Its 100% UV stability makes it perfect for the outdoors, and its ultra low VOCs give it little to no odor for indoor applications while greatly reducing its environmental impact. It cures extremely quickly, allowing foot traffic in 4-8 hours and vehicle traffic in 24 hours, while having a virtually unlimited pot life that allows for work at any pace. Its self-leveling capabilities provide ease-of-application. All of this, with the unsurpassed durability that Intégrité Polyurea Coatings® offer. Sold in one gallon Pouches. Also available in Matte Finish.


Intégrité Polyurea Medici Base Coat™

The Intégrité Medici Base Coat™ is the core of the multi-color Medici®  & solid color systems, which provides a broad variety of looks for any room with incredible ease. It’s 20x more durable and 73% more flexible than epoxy, ensuring that it won’t crack or peel. With its resistance to salt, oil, gas and other harsh chemicals, this floor coating is easy to maintain, and will last a lifetime while still looking fantastic. It has a virtually unlimited pot life, giving you all the time you need to create your look, while still curing fast once spread onto a surface, allowing foot traffic within 4-8 hours and vehicle traffic within 24. Simply add Intégrité Colour Shots™ to give your floor any look imaginable.


Intégrité Colour Shots™

When someone sets foot into a room, the first thing they notice is its colour. Whether it will look elegant and sophisticated, simple and cheerful or calm and natural, the colour of a room’s floor can make all the difference when setting the mood. The five ounce Intégrité Colour Shots™ are individual colour canisters used to develop the Medici® System. Simply add them to your Medici® Polyurea Clear Base Coat to give your floor any look you desire.


Dualie Paint Tray™ for Medici®

Using the Dualie Roller™, the Medici® Colour Coating System provides virtually any look imaginable, with no more effort than it takes to roll paint on a wall. The Split Pan separates your two Medici® Base Coats with their Intégrité Colour Shots™ you’ve chosen, while the Dualie Roller™ allows you to apply both at the same time. Medici® creates a limitless variety of styles with only a fraction of the work and cost of any other flooring option.


 Dualie Roller™ for Medici®

Used Dualie Rollers™ are easily replaced with the Medici® Dualie Roller™ Single pack.


Intégrité Decorative Vinyl Color ¼" Chips

The Intégrité Decorative chips are utilized to create full chip and partial chip broadcast systems. Product is sold in 50 LBS boxes.

Available colors:


Intégrité Polyurea Build Coat™ 3 Gallon Kit (1 GAL A & 2 GAL B)

The Intégrité Build Coat™ is used as a high build coating to accept the second broadcast of quartz in a Double Broadcast Quartz Floor. The unique physical properties of the Intégrité Build Coat™ give it extended workability combined with fast turnaround times and return to service. Offering long “open times” (period of time that decorative aggregates will stick to and adhere in the wet coating) this product produces a perfect broadcast every time.  The Intégrité Build Coat™ has a high solids content making it great for both interior and exterior applications.  However, because this material is thicker than other coatings it is important to follow the mix charts for recommended maximum size batches.


Intégrité Moisture Stopping Primer™

Intégrité Moisture Stopping Primer™ is a two component, 100% solids, moisture blocking and pH resistant epoxy primer used to remedy concrete floors with high moisture readings up to 25 lbs. Moisture Stopping Primer™ has excellent self-leveling properties, making it a great choice for floors with minor pitting, spalling and other blemishes.


Intégrité Moisture Stopping H2O Primer™

Intégrité Moisture Stopping H2O Primer™ is a two component, 50% solids, water-based, moisture blocking and pH resistant epoxy primer used to remedy concrete floors with high moisture readings up to 12 lbs. This Primer has excellent adhesion to moisture laden concrete slabs in areas such as basements and garages where it is roller or squeegee applied. It is sold in 1.5 Gallon Kits (Covers 250 sq. ft.) and can be applied to concrete as early as 48 hours after placement, reducing job-site downtime and delays in production. Please contact the Intégrité Technical Department for details.


Intégrité Fast Patch™ Repair Putty 1 Quart Kit (Gray)

Repair cracks, spalls and minor damage to concrete surfaces, without waiting for the repairs to cure.  Easy to mix 1:1 ratio and no special equipment is required.  Perform repairs and apply the coating within minutes, not hours. Intégrité Polyurea Coatings™ recommends that larger areas of Fast Patch Epoxy Putty should fully cure before coating. Available in one quart kits


Intégrité Fortification Formula™ Crack/Spall Repair 1 Gallon Kit (1A:1B) Gray

Intégrité Fortification Formula™ is a fast setting, high strength, low viscosity modified Polyurea repair material that is very versatile, perfect for repairing and re-building damaged concrete. The formula is a dual component, 1:1 ratio, easy to mix system that is 100% solids and VOC free. It can set anchor bolts, repair damaged control joints, fill spalling and rebuild vertical curbing and steps. It’s an excellent choice for quick repairs and return-to-service.  Add sand or pea gravel to extend the material’s volume and act as filler for repairing large spalls, holes, and cracks.



Intégrité Safe Etch™ Solution

Prep the floor using the Intégrité Safe-Etch Solution™ that opens concrete pores, allowing the coating to adhere to the substrate. Safe-Etch is acceptable for residential applications. Mechanical profiling is recommended for commercial projects.

Intégrité Eco Clean™ Cleaner Concentrate (Makes 2 GAL of Cleaner)


Intégrité Degreaser

Intégrité’s Degreaser is a heavy-duty concrete stripper and degreaser developed from citrus oranges. Its VOC compliant, easy to work with and has a pleasant orange smell. Excellent for stripping, degreasing and general cleaning purposes.