Epoxy Just Doesn't Compare.

When measured against Intégrité™ Polyurea, epoxy products can’t compare. Polyurea is 20x stronger than epoxy, making it last a lifetime longer even as it takes more punishment. It’s also 98% more flexible, flowing with the natural movement of concrete rather than cracking or peeling over time as epoxy does.

Polyurea is much faster as well—it takes only 1 day to install, can handle foot traffic in 4-8 hours and vehicle traffic within 24 hours. Epoxy can take 2-3 days to install, needs 24 hours just to handle foot traffic, and a full 7 days before vehicle traffic. For even more convenience, polyurea can be used any time of year, at temperatures between 0-120 degrees, while epoxy requires 60-80. Polyurea even has ultra low VOCs, both making it better for the environment and giving it minimal to no odor. Polyurea is simply better in every possible way.




Known Epoxy Failures

Hot tire pickup is one of epoxy’s primary failures: Your car comes off the street with hot tires, sits in your garage and you leave the next morning to find the tires have adhered to the floor. Intégrité is impervious to hot tire pickup.

Regular floor enemies like road salt, gas, oil and fluids cause irreparable damage to epoxy. Intégrité is highly chemical-resistant to oil and even DOT 3 brake fluids and other harsh chemicals.

Epoxy is affected by everyday wear and tear. Intégrité has superior abrasion resistance. Its extreme durability makes it 20 times stronger than epoxy. It’s even 98% more flexible than epoxy, being impact resistant and allowing for natural concrete movement – Polyurea will not crack or peel

*Results after just a few years use of Epoxy floor coatings.