Innovation with Intégrité

Integrite-About-PicInnovation is a passion that continues to drive the growth of Intègritè Polyurea Coatings and why it is a leading manufacturer of Polyurea Floor Coatings. Intègritè Polyurea Coatings has evolved over the years from a mid-size installation company into one of the largest Polyurea Coatings Manufacturers supplying operations worldwide. We began with foundation and horizontal pre-cast waterproofing, concrete restoration and polishing, as well as steel and bridge deck coatings. Our focus later shifted to engineering Advanced Polyurea floor coatings.

Our manufacturing division has been developing and applying Polyurea coatings for years on a large variety of substrates. Intègritè Polyurea Floor Coatings are the ultimate professional flooring solution for residential, commercial or industrial applications.