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ecosafe_vocs_WEBIntégrité Coatings™: A Safe Investment, Safe for the Environment

The ultra low-VOC Advantage

Not all floor coatings are the same. If you want a high performance floor coating for your concrete or wood floor, you want Intégrité™. If you want the highest grade of 98% solids polyurea, you want Intégrité™. If you want all of that wrapped up in an environmentally-safe system, you guessed it--you want Intégrité™!

Only Intégrité™ can achieve a thickness suitable for proper aesthetics and durability, high abrasion resistance, and resistance to yellowing and fading. Our polyurea top coat features a high gloss finish, it’s also chemically resistant to dot 3 brake fluid, salt, oil, gas and other harsh chemicals. It’s resistance to heavy impact from floor jacks and jack stands is industry leading. Even better, our polyurea features ultra low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and produces low odor in VOC-sensitive environments!

Why is it important that our polyurea features ultra low-VOCs?

Ultra low-VOC Intégrité Polyurea Coatings™ are exempt from shipping and mailing restrictions placed on various solvent-based, and even non-solvent-based, floor coating products. Unlike water-based epoxy floor paints, you also don’t have to worry about your polyurea coating system freezing during shipping.

A ultra low-VOC status also meets and exceeds standards set in SCADMD and OTC states, where VOC levels are regulated. In other words, Intégrité™ can be purchased in, shipped to, and applied in all states.

What does all of that really mean? It means that when you coat your garage floor, our polyurea-based product is less harmful to the environment (and therefore your family and pets) than other coating products. We give you a greener option, taking into consideration environmental standards and regulations in even the most stringent cities and states. Safe. Clean. Green. That’s what you get with polyurea.